I am happy to finally release the app I have been working on for the last few months. It is called Gathered and it’s a digital scrapbook for all of your creative ideas.

Gathered is a place to collect and organize all of the pieces of visual inspiration you find on the web or in real life. It lets you define custom categories and makes adding new images to your library fast and easy. Gathered also comes with a Share Extension that lets you import images directly from within other apps. With the use of iCloud Drive, your library is synced and can be accessed from all of your iOS devices.

With iOS maturing into an operating system for productivity and at the same time remaining easy to use and versatile, Gathered and other creativity tools like it are a perfect fit for the platform. I have made the app with Drag & Drop, multitasking and the performant hardware in mind and have planned many other powerful features that will ship in future versions.

Gathered is built for everyone. Regardless if you are an artist, a designer or just looking to collect insipration for your next home improvement project, the app will enhance your creative process.

Gathered is available on the App Store now. Give it a try!