I feel like the Apple TV was one of my best purchases for the last year. Before getting it, I had some doubts about if I would make use of it. The fact, that I live in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe) also didn’t help. Many of the services Apple integrates into the Apple TV are not available here. Now that I have had the device for a couple of months, I can say that I use it every day and I am loving it. Using a Mac, an iPhone and an iPad, I am fully into the Apple Ecosystem. Having AirPlay built-into the OS of all my other devices is very convenient. I stream media to my TV all the time. Listening to podcasts and radio, showing photo slideshows on the big screen, watching trailers or just mirroring my MacBook display. Speaking of the Mac, OS X 10.9 Mavericks makes your computer much more Apple TV friendly by giving you the option to use your TV as external extension display.

One thing I recently discovered is that you can set the screensaver of your Apple TV to show a slideshow of posters for upcoming movies.

Here is a great collection of tips on using the Apple TV on the Apple subreddit.

Apple says that the Apple TV is just an experiment for now. A device to extend their services to the big screens of their users. However, I have no doubt, that the Cupertino based company will make their big move to the living room and if you want to get a taste of the future, you can do it today with the Apple TV.